I’m back from my road gigs and in town for a while, chilrens!!! Come drop on by tonight at Hamburger Mary’s Weho or tomorrow at Silverfox in Long Beach!

1543604_710609762294604_25038275_n Hooks Funraiser Flyer

HOBAGS ARE BACK, Y’ALL! this time in GREEN and I’m runnin a special $8 includes shipping n handling! Make that walk of shame a walk of PRIDE, GURL!!! HOBAG GREEN

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Upcoming dates in Kansas City & Lincoln, NE


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Ho News is Good News Springtimes!

Hay Sweet Boos,

Can you believe we is spring-a-lang-a-langin!?? I mean, for real, though–why the eff we gotta have less daylight for a season? It’s stoopit, and if I run for president–I’m gonna abolish that shit. I loooooove me some suntz, son!  I hope y’all is enjoying the extra hour of sun, and I hope that you’ll choose to spend some extra time with me! SHOW yo Ho some love by:

ATTENDING! I’m doin a lil NorEaster Tour! If you are in one of the following areas (Philadelphia/ NYC/ Manchester, NH)–come see me in person! I’ll be hanging with this colorful bunch of whores:
@MissSherryVine @TheBiancaDelRio  @MoniqueTheThree 
@TheVickyVox  @Peppermint247  @MimiImfurst


WATCHING! The Real Drink Throwing Divas of West Holllywood– we’re working on getting it together to make more of these babies! If you like it, please show yo support by LIKING us HERE!

LISTENING! Who really pays for music any more? Well, if you’re an independent artist like me, you pick n choose who gets yo money–cuz you KNOW they needs it to make more stuff. All the rest of the Katy Scarys and Mariah Dairys can fuck dey selves! I still believe that even if you can’t afford it–you should still be able to abort it! So! Here’s the Name Your Price Song of the Month: ABORT IT!
If you can throw a few dollas on it, great, if not–download that bitch and SHARE it, henny. And if you a queen and gonna lipsynch it–then post that video on Instagram or YouTubes, and work on getting me a booked at yo local gay bar–that’s really how dis ho puts her food on the table! Please listen to this NSFW hit, share it and laugh, boo boo! If you’re looking for the ho-catalog of music you can find ALL of them RIGHT HERE See that? I loves make it Easy like Sunday Morntings!

One mo time with pictures AND SHIT!

ONE NIGHT ONLY! this show is NOT to be missed! Look at the names, dahling!!! @TheBiancaDelRio @JackieBeat @MimiImfurst @thePandoraBoxx  @MissSherryVine @TheVickyVox


3/19 Wednesday :: I’ll be with Miss Sherry Vine at Industry, 11pm show
Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.44.29 AM


3/20 Thursday :: I’ll be with Miss Peppermint at The Ritz Bar & Lounge, 1am performance, DO THE RIGHT THANG!tumblr_mopm9b0Tqq1r9qx18o1_500

3/22 Saturday:: Manchester, NH at Club 313 8pm Solo Show followed by drag.
This show is sold out, but there are standing room only tickets available for $5! More info at (603) 628-6813

Drink-Throwing Drag Divas | Promote Your Page Too

Tip Jar
TipJarHay…its hard out here for a Ho. Like for real! I’m not homeless, but I also don’t have a hit TV show. I have bills and things to pay for to keep this hotivity going. If you enjoy my work at ALL, or are a drag queen raking in the coins from lip synching my songs, or are wondering why there aren’t more videos…I ain’t too proud to BEG for royalties and funding. PLEASE Tip a Ho!


Forever yo ho,
Wendy HO

And of course you can always Tweet, Face, Tube, iTune, Camp or Instagram with Me!

Wanna receive these letters right in yo box? SIGN UP! Get a free song;-)

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East Coast, here I comes!

Hey y’all! I’m back from my Indy/Ohio/Florida tour, and am already packing up to leave, Eastward bound once more. I hope to see ya!
I’ll be performing in Philadelphia, NYC and Manchester, NH!

first stop: PHILADELPHIA
3/15 :: ONE NIGHT ONLY! this show is NOT to be missed!
Look at the names, dahling!!! @BiancaDelRio @JackieBeat @MimiImfurst @thePandoraBoxx @SherryVine @MissSherryVine @TheVickyVox



Second Stop: 3/19 & 3/20 in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC with 2 of my favorite queens: Sherry Vine and Miss Peppermint, please see calendar for details

final stop: Manchester, NH at Club 313 with Miss Monique Toosoon & co! hour long set at 8:30!

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Hay, Florida! I be comins for you!!

2/24 :: Hunters in Wilton Manors Appearing at Miss Pride of South Florida

2/26 :: Twist in Miami, 1am show, with Miss TP Lords

2/27 & 2/28 :: Hamburger Mary’s Clearwater & Tampa

3/1 :: Parliament House Orlando, FL
Wendy Ho 35x54

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Can’t wait to be at Talbott Street for this event! 8pm, get tickets at:

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San Francisco, boo boo! I’m comin back to seentchooo!

Valentine’s Day weekend I’m gonna be all up in you, gurl, and I hope you’ll enjoy it, cuz if not..that would be rape, and that ain’t cute!
1st stop THE END UP 10/14, 10:30pm show with some of SF’s finest and funnest qweens: AuJus! Kylie Minono! Bearonce Growels! Mia Ho! Kit Tapata!& CherBert! THIS IS A FREE SHOW, BOO! 


Second Stop 2/15 at The CAFE with Vine & Interwebs SuperStar @TSMadison! brought to you by JC EVENTS! Wear yo 22 inch weave, chile!


And then on 2/16 we gon be in San Jose, gurl! Do you know the way? also brought to you by JCEvents!





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Monday in Silverlake!!!

I’m calling BALLS, boo boo! Come by and chill with a beer and some foods! Good Microbrew & Grill!
8pm-10pm BINGO!!!


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I’m the new Carrie Bradshaw!

I know, I know you prahly think of me of more of a slutty Samantha, and I was…but I’s married now, and a woman of experience! I’m ready to help you with all yo issues and prahlems! These are completely anonymous, and will be featured in Left Magazine, and right here on my website!

#AXEWENDY email me at


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This SUNDAY in Palm Springs

1/5/2014 at Hunters 9:30pm Show FLAMBOYANCE!

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